You have seen grass clippings on the side of the road at one point or another.

Crews work all day keeping parks and businesses looking fresh and clean with mowing, edging, primping, and doing it all very quickly. for the most part, when crews are done they clean up everything around the property using various implements like rakes and leaf blowers so it all looks super professional when they leave.

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Sometimes in neighborhoods one might see a homeowner mowing and not clear grass and other debris off the road. does the city come clean it up? Does the county? No.

It's up to the homeowner to clean that stuff up.

Is it illegal in Montana to leave grass clippings in the road?

I looked around for city ordinances and state laws around the internet hoping to find an answer to all this.

What I didn't find was directly any laws in Montana or any City ordinances for grass clippings although it may count as garbage and rubbish which the city has a stance on.

The legality isn't there directly but it does present a safety hazard on street and even worse highways and county roads. Clippings cause slippage on the roads resulting a potential for wrecks and collisions.

The Montana Highway Patrol stipulated the dangers of grass clipping s in the road a while back on their Facebook page warning people to kindly remove and debris from the road.

Montana Highway Patrol via Facebook/Canva
Montana Highway Patrol via Facebook/Canva

Even though it's not illegal, it might be a common courtesy to make sure roads are clear after one mows.

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