This year, for the first time EVER, I was able to snatch a Montana Millionaire ticket.  I'm kind of cheap, and 20 bucks for a lottery ticket is a lot, so I just got one.  One is all you need, right?  I figure they only sell 280,000 of these, so it's worth a twenty to have some fun in December.  Especially since we won't hear how there was one winner on the East Coast or something like happens so often with the other lotteries.

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One fun thing about Montana Millionaire tickets are the 3,000 or so INSTANT winners during the sale of tickets.  It makes it even MORE exciting as you hear your ticket to riches printing out.  And, to make it even cooler, if you get an instant win ticket, you're still in the running for the million.

The first of 2 Early Bird drawings happens on November 25th.  One Montanan is going to come out of their Thanksgiving slumber a hundred thousand dollars richer.  I'm not greedy, if I can just win one thing, I'll take it.  The second early bird drawing is on December 16 for 25 grand.  Makes for a very merry Christmas!

I have to say again how lucky I feel having a ticket this year.  They sold out in about 30 hours.  Yes, 30 hours.  The grand prize drawings happen on December 26th with not one, but 2 Montana Millionaires being made that day.  One extremely lucky runner-up will pocket a hundred thousand dollars that day.  Talk about a happy new year!

Great Falls has a couple of "Montana Millionaires".  Our years for winners were 2016 and 2009.  It's totally something that can happen to anyone with a ticket!

May fortune be forever in your/my favor! For fun, here's a list of ridiculously priced homes we can buy in Montana after we win.

Insanely Expensive Montana Homes to Buy After You Win Montana Millionaire

When you win big today, start browsing what kind of home you want. Because that's the fun part about winning- finding what you like and what you're willing to spend on luxury. You deserve luxury, dream big baby!

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