Well, the first sign of big summer fun in a Montana small town is here:

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Conrad Lions Club/Facebook
Conrad Lions Club/Facebook

Whoop-Up Trail Days in Conrad is set for June 1-4.

I've been to Whoop-Up so many times, I can't even count.  I've been the rodeo goer, the binge drinker, the radio announcer and the bartender.  There's just something about Whoop-Up that makes me smile every time.  It's so great to see everyone out and about, the stores have fun Whoop-Up paintings on their windows and everyone is in a great mood.

Maybe I'm wrong because I haven't been to Whoop-Up in a few years, but it looks bigger than ever.

Here's what Conrad has planned for Whoop-Up weekend

June 1:

  • The Whoop-Up Calcutta, 7pm, at my favorite bar in town, The Branding Iron.  This is a fun event and the BI has a restaurant in it, so you can really make a night of it.  Be sure and tip your bartenders.  This is the start of the busiest, most fun, exhausting, and unpredictable weekend of the year.

June 2: 

Google Maps
Google Maps

June 3:  

  • The day starts with the Lions Club putting on a pancake breakfast as Meadowlark Elementary, 7am
  • Fun Run, Starting at Meadowlark Elementary at 8am
  • Rhubarb Festival on 4th and Main at 9am
  • Conrad Area Chamber of Commerce Children's Parade, Main at 9:30am
  • Conrad Area Chamber of Commerce Parade, Main at 10am
  • Rodeo, Conrad Rodeo Grounds at 1pm, gates open at 11am
  • Street Dance, 6th Avenue South West by Swimming Pool Park, 7pm

June 4:

  • Worship at the Park, Swimming Pool Park, 10am
Conrad Area Chamber Of Commerce/Facebook
Conrad Area Chamber Of Commerce/Facebook

If you're planning the 45 minute drive for Whoop-Up, trust me when I say bring your camper or get a room.  The 45 minute drive back to Great Falls seems really long when you've been whooping it up all day.

There are 2 hotels in Conrad, The Super 8 and the Northgate Hotel (no website) 406.278.3516.  The Pondera RV Park (no website) if you're bringing your camper.  406.271.2263.  The hotels are on Main Street, and the RV park is just over the train tracks if you turn at the stoplight.  All of them are in a great location for all the activities.  If you're planning on doing this, GET ON IT.  This is NO DOUBT the busiest weekend of the year in Conrad.

Where to eat 

For lunch or supper, The Keg is always a good choice.  They have great burgers like the Kegger or the Pizza Burger and ice cold beer.  The Keg is on Main Street in the same parking lot as the IGA.

For lunch or supper, The Branding Iron.  The food there is GREAT.  A lot of times they have special things planned for Whoop-Up so be sure and ask.  ICE cold beer and great prices on other adult beverages.  You'll see the Branding Iron as you drive into town if you take the first Conrad exit.

For supper, Coaches Corner.  Trust me when I say you need a pizza from here.  Coaches is a little trickier to find.  It's a blue building behind the Moose in the alley.  The Moose is on Main Street across from the Keg.

Breakfast or lunch, it's The Home Cafe on Main Street.  You NEED to eat here.  Home Cafe is open 6am-2pm.  My favorite is the big salad.

Watering holes?

The Branding Iron, just outside of town.

TNT Tavern and Ed's Tavern are just off Main if you turn at the stoplight.  They're practically across the street from each other.

The Moose Lodge (It may or may not be open for Whoop-Up), Main Street.

Country Club at Pondera Golf Course, just outside of town by the cemetery.  Turn the other way at the stoplight and just keep going.  You can't miss it.  The Country Club is ALWAYS worth a stop in at Whoop-Up.

Above all, whoop it up and have some fun!  I'm confident once you see this awesome little town and it's big weekend, you'll be back every year.

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