• You wish you were on Tiber water because the water in Conrad kind of sucks
  • You rotate days you eat out due to restaurants being closed on certain days or certain times
  • You go to Great Falls once a month and never stop to see anyone you know because you have errands to run, and really, you're tired of hearing about it.
  • You talk about when Main Drive Inn will be open for the summer, and you remember when it was the Tastee Freeze
  • You've gotten into an argument over which pizza is better, Coaches Corner or Howard's Pizza.  Everyone knows it's Coaches
  • Pizza Burgers or Keggers from the Keg are enough to make the drive to Conrad
  • Only one place in town delivers, and they're only open for dinner
  • Bowling and/or Pool is life
  • You never have to tell the bartender what you want.  They grab it as soon as you walk in
  • The Buckaroos
  • You have a charge account almost everywhere in town
  • Everything at Home Cafe, especially Turkey Dinner Day (for me it's the big salads and that roll)
  • Whoop-Up is the drunkiest weekend of the year
  • Tons of people you know had their wedding reception at the Country Club
  • The rest of the people you know had their wedding reception at the Moose
  • Nothing really goes on the 4th of July because everyone's in Choteau or camping
  • You know how to get to the rodeo grounds like the back of your hand
  • You can call the police for a ride home if you're drunk and they'll do it and be nice about it the whole time
  • You know exactly where Betty's Diner used to be
  • The 4 miler
  • You know, at least, 2 people that used to work for Arnot's
  • You were served at the Rope for the first time at Whoop-Up, when you were 17
  • You know Wylie Gustafson's Place.  And if you wrote this article, his buffalo made you late for work one day.
  • Sometimes you eat lunch at the co-op
  • Sandy Beach
  • You still talk about how much you miss the Ancient Mariner
  • You can tell your family story with the dings in the walls and ceiling at the bowling alley in the Branding Iron
  • You know a Conrad from the "Conrad Conrads"
  • Cruising main on weekends, or in really cool cars, right after you got married
  • The fish slide at Meadowlark
  • You used to go to that little convenience store to "buy cigarettes for your parents" and nobody ever questioned it.  Ever.
  • The Million Dollar F##k Up
  • A lot of your friends married the person they dated in high school, and they're still married
  • You know where the drive in theatre was
  • The curfew whistle
  • Nothing is open on Sunday except the IGA, Town Pump, the co-op and the bars
  • The soda fountain at Olson's Drug
  • Senior pranks, when the Seniors ride their horses to school
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Thanks to everyone who helped out!  If I missed something, let us know on socials, or app chat.

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