In Montana, declaring what the most dangerous animal can end being a decision based on the time of year and can be decided with a prize wheel you can spin full of veracious animals.


We have some of the roughest terrain in the country and once you get past that, you realize you are amongst the most apex predators this earth can offer just short of something aquatic like an alligator or a crocodile.

One may think it's the aggressive grizzly bear, badger, or a rarely seen wolverine. There's deadly snakes, spiders and the occasional scorpion as well.

According to, None of these are the deadliest animals in the state of Montana.

OKAY, well what's the deadliest animal then?

According to, there are two animals that tie for deadliest animal in Montana.

Tie for deadliest animal in Montana goes to:

The Mountain Lion and The Wolf.


Two very prominent creatures that call Montana home, The mountain lion with it's stealth and speed. As well as the wolf with it's sheer size, aggressiveness and numbers.

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Mountain Lions

According to Wikipedia, The Mountain Lion or Cougar is a solitary animal and is considered to be an ambush animal primarily preying on hoofed animals. According to the same article, mountain lions are the fourth largest cat worldwide only being wary of bears and wolves. It says that human attacks are rare, but have gone up slightly due to human development in the back country. Be careful and aware of your surroundings, they can seek up on you.


The wolf is an aggressive pack animal that have adapted over the ages to be tough unrelenting beast. According to Wikipedia, they specialize in cooperative game hunting which is just a fancy phrase hunting in packs overcoming large prey. Frames are bigger and legs are longer than most canines to move more swiftly, and teeth are large and in charge to crush bone and most anything it comes in contact with.

It obvious that these two animals are defiantly dangerous, but I never guessed that they were the most dangerous in Montana. Might be a good Idea to seek shelter if one comes in contact with either of these in the wild.

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