It's one of the age-old questions, what's that tiny pocket for on your jeans?

Is it for money?  Does it hold tickets? Keys? Coins? A tiny dragon?

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Turns out, it's for a pocket watch.  According to HuffpostLevis added them for pocket watches.  There is a tiny pocket in the oldest pair of jeans, going back to 1879.  Back in the day, pocket watches were the only way to keep time, and that pocket was made to store and protect the pocket watch.

vintage pocket watch in pocket black jean
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Vintage pocket watch in pocket black jean

vintage pocket watch in pocket black jean

My question is why do we still have them?  They're not big enough to hold anything modern day requires.  Doesn't really fit a key fob, a cell phone or even a pen.  According to the users on Quora there are still a bunch of uses.  Users claim to keep coins, folded up bills, ONE key, a dongle, lip balm, gum and lighters are a few of the things people claim to keep in the tiny 5th pocket.

On the keeping lip balm in that pocket.  I tried that.  First off, it makes the balm really soft and it's easy to over apply when it's been in your pocket all day, but you're expecting it to be a bit harder than it is.  Also, have you ever had it twist up so much that your softened lip balm just smashes up into the lid.  I have.  Thus, I do not keep it in that tiny pocket.  As silly as it sounds, I like having lip balm around at all times, and losing just one can jack up my whole lip balm system.

What do you use the pocket for? Hit us up on socials or the app and share your story.

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