The Hill quotes the American Psychological Society's definition of The Big Lie as a propaganda device in which a false statement of extreme magnitude is constantly repeated to persuade the public. The assumption is that a Big Lie is less likely to be challenged than a lesser one because people will assume that evidence exists to support a statement of such magnitude.

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The Big Lie

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The Big Lie is being used in one form or another all over the world for less than stellar leaders to keep the hold they have on their country and their countrymen.  Current examples are Vladimir Putin, Ali Khamenei and Kim Jong-un. They hold on to power with lies of threats from around the world, including America.  Just look at the war in Ukraine.  All over the world we know this is a bad war.  We know Russia is the aggressor.  The only place they DON'T know that is Russia.

What is our big lie, the stolen election, doing to America?  Besides making us a laughing stock of the world, besides a near insurrection, and I could go on and on,  the big lie is infecting our congress, senate and house of representatives.  In fighting in the Republican party is so bad right now they can't even agree on a Speaker of the House.  One of the reasons some of these Republicans won't give McCarthy their vote is that he's known to compromise and reaching across the aisle to get things done.  We have some conservatives that won't support ANY idea from the democrats.  Not one.  Even if it was to stop world hunger or give American's free health care, they wouldn't cooperate simply because it was a Democrat's idea.

We have "News Anchors", and I use that term lightly, like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity who admit when brought in front of a court or committee that they lie regularly on the air.  Not to say some MSNBC anchors don't forward their agenda's on their show.  I just haven't seen much in the news since OAN and Devin Nunes lost their suits against the network.  However, it's becoming a real problem for Fox news right now. I know people who only get their "news" from these confessed liars, and won't even THINK about comparing the facts with any other news outlet. Infact, I've seen that over 58% of Republicans think the election was stolen.  In this age of information, how hard headed and secluded do you have to be to not see the truth by now?  The only rational answer is they don't WANT to know the truth because the truth isn't forwarding their agenda.

The only way to wrap this up is to note that the House of Representatives still doesn't have a leader. Oh the sad words they will have for this time in America when it's taught in history classes.

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