Everyone's patience can run thin at times, but for the most part people generally get along and accept that certain people are the way they are. I generally give a pass to people and things that happen outside of my own domicile.

However for others things just get under people skin. As tolerant of people's quarks as I am, I completely understand other people's gripes and grievances.

I was reading on ASK REDDIT, and someone wanted to know what makes people irrationally angry. For me there is very few things that make me hit the roof, I've talked about it in past articles.



It seems the more technology advances, the more and more humans struggle with it. I'm not talking about super computers or anything but things that are supposed to make our life more simple such as motion sensors, automatic dispensers, Television remotes, the smart phone your dad continues to yell at. It all here to make life easy, but nothing is idiot proof.


Unsafe driving

This one is completely relative as far as anyone's perspective, however there are instances that I've read and experienced that do indeed constitute bad driving. For example, not using headlights or indicators during dusk and storms, speeding on someone while they are attempting to change lanes, or punching the gas during a yellow light. We are all going to get there, lets try in one piece, okay?

Cutting in line/que

Complaining about cutting in line may sound like a rather juvenile gripe, but sometimes when one has been in line at a concert, carnival ride, a book signing or the double line at the McDonald's drive thru, It's understandable when your waiting and all you want to do is  complete the task at hand an some brat has to cut "to be first". I've been there, and you can bet it gets under the skin.


I can relate to this in a big way. I've seen someone litter next to a garbage can. The day I realized I was old is when I yelled at a kid from my car because he exited a school bus and proceeded to throw a fast food cup deliberately on the ground. Other people say they can't stand it when people throw cigarette butts out of the car window. Loose trash does strike a core with many.

There's a lot that make people mad. Let me know what humanly things irritate you in social media comments!



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