I in fact do, I thought something was very wrong with me.

Did I have an anger problem? Did or do I need therapy? Did I need to be medicated every time I have to sit down to have a meal?

What am I talking about?

Usually dinner tables are void of things like TV, and other distractions to connect with one another about the day, future plans and to bond.

In my early thirties I noticed that every time I hit the table to have a meal with people I become enraged when I hear chewing, munching, and swallowing if the environment was silent.


There are also cooking Tik Toks where people use ASMR as apart of their content that include running utensils over toasted bread and using sensitive microphones to capture the crunch of sandwich. I cannot watch those either. It's maddening.

@thezachchoi #tiktokfood #asmr ♬ original sound - Zach Choi

I did research on the internet to see if anyone felt the same way I did about these things because I didn't feel that it was normal to go absolutely crazy over something as someone innocently eating food.

What I found was eye opening.

The term I found is called Misophonia.

WebMD describes Misophonia as a disorder in which certain sounds trigger emotional or physiological responses that some might perceive as unreasonable given the circumstance.

The most common factors associated with this are chewing and other mouth sounds.

At this moment in time there's not much one can do, there's no pill or miracle cure that can help alleviate other than using other things like talk therapy, headphones, background noises, de-stressing and letting people eat where they want to.

As of late, there are people and groups in the country that hold meetings and conventions to help people with this rare disorder.

I heard this sound bite from NPR and it helped me put things into perspective on how to deal with my little dilemma.

I wanted to take care of this before it ate me or my relationship with loved ones, so I did some research.

Let me know if you suffer from this as well and we can talk about it:

You can email me here


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