The world perspective on what makes life easier can can be pondered for a long time if you sit on your front porch just thinking about it. It can be a number of things one can think about from the physical to the metaphysical. Maybe a simple alarm to wake you up in the morning helps, electronic automatic bill pay makes your life easier, or simply making all of your lunches in advance for the week will save you time.

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Instead of thinking on my porch, I saw an Ask Reddit tread where someone asked what makes life easier and the thread populated quite quickly with many things, but mostly three factor and the ideas behind them were fairly universal.


It's true when people say that money makes the world go around. It's paramount for commerce and people seem to think tat if you have the right amount of money, things just run a bit more smooth. I can also understand why people obsess over it so much because one always wants to get to that point of comfort.



This one and money go together universally, "Health and Wealth" as they say. Health to me is one of the most important things that would ultimately make life easier and at the same time is something that is taken for granted the most. I've known people to not go and get a check up for years because they feel fine, but one day, BOOM high blood pressure on the road to stroke city. Health should be monitored to make life very easy and long!


In my reading people seem to really lean on the fact that technology has made life easier, I can't say that I disagree. I just think of the latest advances we've had even in the last twenty years as far as medical tech, communication, and global commerce. With systems in place, things in a lot of separate arenas in life can be detected early and dealt with in a timely manner.

These three things seem to essential to making life easier these days. Tell us what you think makes life easier on social media.


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