When do hobbies, interests, objects or subjects become unhealthy obsessions?

I always ask myself that when I'm into things. A friend of mine and myself tend to have obsessions the same way, vaping, firearms, music, musical instruments, methods of doing things. I chalk it up to having Attention Deficit Disorder and both my friend and I ride the same wave when the tsunami hits.

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There are things of the modern era that people love, and have constant tabs over. I was reading online in a thread about unhealthy obsessions people have, and it got quite interesting with both serious and funny responses.

I've picked out some of the obvious ones that I see everyday either in my own household or in public. I think everyone has fallen down one of these rabbit hole a time or two. Let us know on social media, or if you know about more we didn't mention.


The Internet/Social Media

This one was both unanimous and ironic seeing as how People were expressing their opinions about obsessing over the internet on the internet. However, these days people live on the internet and on social media, the least they could do is make money while being there constantly.



24 Hour News Cycle

The ultimate product of propaganda for the last 25 years has been constant barrage of some news channel having a breaking story. I feel lucky to have slightly remembered a time where the news was on twice or 3 times a day and that was it. Now you roll into an older persons house and news is like wallpaper but with noise.



Other People's Business

What gets me is the certain person that screams and howls over their own privacy will stare at you from between slats of fencing to make sure your not up to some shady stuff and everyone is on edge when the more simple solution is to just mine your own business. I'm a somewhat private person at home and all I want is that privacy.




What better way to celebrate a capitalist society than to obsess over the all mighty dollar. It's been more and more prevalent even when you think it couldn't possibly more so. Social media, music and just pop culture in general promotes the obsession over money leaving people to wish for an unreal object. Money is not real.




It's at points good to have confidence in your career path, It keeps you alive and wanting to succeed. On the other hand, this obsession can lead to things falling apart around you like family. What good is all the money and power if you are alone on the planet and just working your life away.




In the early 2000's reality TV came into its final form and tracked celebrity warts and all. When social media came, it got much worse as you may know. The amount of time people spend wanting to know what celebrities are doing went from fun to ridiculous when they can influence diplomacy and hold political office. Things get weird when you put real responsibility into their hands. It gets unhealthy when they can shape the world.


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