Not every town in Montana is created equal. Some places are just better to live in than others.  Sometimes the smaller towns in Montana can be the worst places to lay roots.

I looked at data from Money Inc. and Discovering Montana to compile a list of the least desirable places in the state to live.  This data is based on education, income, crime, home prices and leisure and entertainment activities.

14.  Wolf Point

Home to the Wild Horse Stampede, and the county seat of Roosevelt county, Wolf Point had a population of around 2,500.  It's one of the most dangerous place to live in the state with both violent crime and property crime being high.  The public schools are rated below average and there isn't much for a family to do together.

13.  Ronan

Less than 2,000 people live in Ronan, but it has the 3rd highest rate of violent crimes in the state and a lot of property crime.  The schools are low rated and there isn't much for families there.

12.  Great Falls

With a population right around 60,000, Great Falls is the county seat of Cascade County and the first of the larger Montana cities to make the list and it's all due to the crime rate.  Great Falls is ranked the 3rd most dangerous place to live in the state with the most property crimes in the state overall and violent crimes are the 6th highest in the state.  If it weren't for the crime rate, the highly rated schools, entertainment, leisure activities, and employment opportunities would probably land Great Falls on the list of the most desirable.

11. Helena/East Helena

The Capital City of Montana with a population right around 30,000, Helena finds itself in a very similar situation to Great Falls.  The 2nd highest property crime rate in the state, and 3rd for violent crime makes Helena the 3rd most dangerous place to live.  Again, if it weren't for the crime rate, the highly rated schools and a lot of activities would put Helena higher on the list.

10.  Lewistown

The county seat of Fergus county with a population of just under 6,000 property crimes are an issue here, but it seems the unemployment rate and median price of a home in Lewistown is what brings this town to our list of undesirables.

9.   Livingston

The county seat of Park County, Livingston has a population just over 8,000.  The unemployment rate rate is high and so is the cost of living.  Livingston isn't considered really safe either, but I couldn't nail down why.  I'd say the income versus cost of living ratio has something to do with it.

8.   Libby

The county seat of Lincoln County, Libby has a population just over 1,700 people and it's rated as one of the most dangerous in the state.  It also has the second highest rate of unemployment and the second lowest median home value.  To add insult to injury, the public schools are low rated.

7.   Stevensville

With a population just over 2,000, Stevensville does have a property crime problem and their schools are poorly rated.  Overall, it's said not to be a great place for families.

6.   Hamilton

The County Seat for Ravalli County, Hamilton has just over 4,600 residents.  The only negative thing said about Hamilton is property crime and violent crime, but it was enough to knock out the positive things and put it on the list.

5.   Malta

The county seat for Phillips County, there are just over 1,800 residents.  Malta makes the list due to the unemployment rate, it's one of the worst in the state.  If you're lucky enough to have a job, you're probably making below poverty level wages.  The median value of a home in Malta is low, as well.

4.   Shelby

The county seat for Toole County, Shelby has around 3,100 residents.  Crime, property crime in particular, is high and the average household income is one of the worst in the state, as is the median price for a home in Shelby.

3.   Cut Bank

The county seat of Glacier County and home to just over 3,000, Cut Bank is ranked as the most dangerous town in Montana to live.  They have the highest violent crime rate and a very high property crime rate.  That on top of a high unemployment rate and average incomes are right at poverty level and a low average home price puts Cut Bank high on the list.

2.   Polson

Polson is the county seat of Lake County and has a population of around 5,100.  A high crime rate and a large unemployment rate combined with very low wages are the reason Polson sits at number 2.

1.   Hardin

The county seat of Big Horn County, Hardin has nearly 4,000 residents.  Hardin gets the top spot on the list due to a very high rate of unemployment and very low wages if you do have a job.  The median home values are some of the worst in the state and their schools are ranked below average.

Worst Places To Live In Montana

Worst Places To Live In Montana

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