America is a capitalist, free-enterprise kind of place. Companies, elected officials and other opportunists take advantage of a large number of things that either make them money, or lean in their best interest.

Some outfits skirt regulations and taxes by claiming certain things, others use "experts" to determine outcomes of peoples lives and livelihoods without even stepping into places like schools, hospitals, or knowing how the general public works.  Setting rules and regulations that never have any citizen in mind other than their wallet or their actual, physical flesh and blood.

A post in r/AskReddit asking what is something legal in America that shouldn't be. Before I dug into the comments and responses, I had a few ideas of my own and surprisingly, a lot of us in the country have similar ideas.

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HOA (Home Owner Association)

The association was put together to help the homeowner and the neighborhood around them, but certain people obtain power and use it to wreak havoc on people who just want to do what they want in and around the house that they paid for to be met with a knock on the door with complaints, fees, and sometimes even foreclosures.

Insurance Companies Deciding Treatment of People

The rationale that some insurance companies have can differ from what actual treatment and what it costs. People receive certain treatment schedules from trained medical professionals to not have it covered by insurance because the company insuring them  seems to think it wouldn't be beneficial. It makes you wonder where they get their information.

Politicians Owning Stock

This problem has only been in the spotlight for a short time, many have known about it but with the recent introduction of the PELOSI Act (Preventing Elected Leaders from Owning Securities and Investments) people have had the opportunity to witness elected officials commit insider trading without consequence.

Declawing and Debarking

Without going into the origin of this practice, for sometime animal owners have been declawing cats and debarking dogs to keep them quiet. I'm not sure who thought of taking away defensive aspects of these domesticated animals, but I feel they should think twice about a pet of this nature before scaring them for life and leaving them defenseless.

Religious Tax Exemption

This in a nutshell looks good on paper, religions using tithing, donations to the church, and tax relief to fund the word of god seems like a good thing. However; high-Profile televangelists using this money to fund larger-than-life houses, cars, and private planes makes you ask whether God or cash is king.

What are legal things in this country that YOU think should be illegal?

Let us know on social media.

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