When I was 16 years old, I had the adventure of a lifetime in Cascade, Montana.  I worked on the movie The Stone Boy.

20th Century Fox//Canva
20th Century Fox//Canva

I can't remember how I got involved, I'm sure it was my mom, but I spent a night in Cascade as a stand-in for an actor in the film and as an extra walking down the street in the movie.

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It was quite exciting for a number of reasons

  • I spent around 12 hours on a real life movie set
  • I was chosen as a stand in for an actress
  • I actually made it into a movie
  • My mom got to meet one of her favorite people from The Young and The Restless
  • I got paid what felt like a lot of money

Being On The Set

For this drama kid, I couldn't believe where I was.  The lights, the set, the director, the make-up people the actors and actresses.  It was everything you think it is, with a lot of waiting.

Being A Stand-In

It was totally being in the right place in the right time.  I just happened to be about as tall and as wide as the actress Cindy Fisher and her stand in wasn't there for some reason.  I was taken aside, given a chair, and asked to wait.  Before she'd shoot a scene, they'd bring me up, measure things, test lighting and such and get the set ready for the scene.

Making It To The Final Cut

I can be seen in a black jacket walking down the street in Cascade.  We did that scene a few times, so it really was the whole movie experience.  I couldn't believe it when I was on the screen at the Great Falls premiere.

My Mom Met An Idol

My parents are avid fans of The Young and Restless.  Imagine our surprise when Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) sat down next to me and started talking.  His girlfriend at the time, now wife, Cindy Fisher, is the actress I was a stand in for.  He was visiting her on set, and mom and I ended up spending a few hours with him.  Very exciting for the both of us.

I Got My First BIG Paycheck

Now, looking back, it's not that much money, but I walked away with about $120 and some epic photos and memories.  It was the first time I'd made that much money in just one day of work, and in 1984, that wasn't a bad chunk of change for a 16 year old.


So, if you ever feel like seeing Montana prominently featured in a movie, and watch a future radio announcer walking down the street, try Stone Boy.

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me.

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