Supposedly you HAVE to buy a round of drinks for everybody that plays that golf course that day. Which, to me, should be the other way around.

I got the ace. I should get the reward.

I Googled it but couldn't find any basis that this is true. I mean, if you get a  hole-in-one and you WANT to buy everybody a drink, then go ahead. But the thought of having to buy drinks for everybody who's golfing on the two courses I play at Pryor Creek on a Saturday sounds like a pricey proposition.

Some courses sell "Hole-In-One Insurance." So, for a few bucks, if you do get one, the drinks get bought and you don't have to mortgage your home to pay your bar tab.

I heard from a bowler who told me that if all four bowlers on a team get a strike in the same frame, the bowling alley will buy them all a beer. But if only three of them get strikes, the non-striker buys a round. That seems like a much more proper way to reward good performance in a sport.

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Fortunately, I have never needed to buy since I have never had a single hole-in-one. I've got a pretty good collection of "two's" though.

And while I was looking all of this up I see that "the odds of the average golfer getting making a hole-in-one are 12,500 to 1" according to the National Hole-in-One Registry. And I've been golfing since 1976, so I've got to be getting close.

And if I ever get one, I'll buy a round.

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