Throughout the year, we run across hundreds of people.  People who answer a question in the store.  The nice person who holds the door open for you.  The postman who brings your mail rain or shine.  Teachers, bartenders, sales people, greeters, cooks, receptionists.  I could go on and on.

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I was thinking the other day how so many of their kindnesses go without a thank you.  We're so busy in our every day life, that telling the guy at the Town Pump who gets you a burrito every day thank you, gets lost in the hustle and bustle of life.  I know, of course you say thank you to everyone. But......

I mean a REAL THANK YOU.  Like this, "Hey Town Pump guy, you brighten my day every time I come in here.  You're very appreciated."

"Hey, waitress at my favorite coffee shop, have I ever told you how you remembering I like cream and sugar makes me feel a little special?  Thank you for making my life a little nicer."

car radio with hands on the dial and neon hearts floating on it

So, I thought I'd start with this one.

Hello loyal listener.  I know I rarely see you or talk to you in person.  Thing is, you mean the world to me and I never get to tell you.  Or if I DO tell you while I'm on the air, it comes across as acting or just something to say in that moment.  Here's the truth.  Without you, why would there even be a me?  Why would we find cool things to give away and play all those great songs?  For you.  Thank you for loving us. Thank you for always listening.

the word thank you in many different languages on different colored pieces of paper

Seriously, it's because of you I have the only job I ever wanted and I was able to build my life around that.  Trust me, I think about it and you a lot.

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