In this day and age it might seem like a no-brainer that smoking in your car with kids present is illegal in Montana and everywhere else for that matter.

We all know the effects of cigarette smoke as well as secondhand smoke with research going back decades now, but can you believe that smoking in a private vehicle with children with in the car is not illegal in Montana? I was not aware.


According to Wikipedia nine states including Arkansas, Louisiana, Maine, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Illinois, Louisiana, and Virginia all ban smoking in the car with children and can result in a fine and CPS could get involved as well.

I used to smoke, and my parents used to smoke, and at points my parents used to smoke in the car with us. That was a different time back in the 20th century. As a smoker, I would put out the butt whenever I had children enter in to my air space, but that was just me.

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Talking to others about smoking in the car with kids, they seem to agree that it was something that people should avoid to save those tiny, growing lungs. One made a point of laws.

Should there be a law in Montana banning such actions?

I tend to agree with the person who brought up laws. Maybe there shouldn't be a law and have it just frowned upon, because what will laws do next? Ban smoking in private homes? At that point, I would say that's going too far.


What are your thoughts on banning smoking in private cars with children?

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