You may or may have not seen this video out of Big Sky, Montana of some dudes taunting a moose.

According to the article form KRTV, it's unknown when this video was taken. All they know is that it was posted April 1st. Also, its unclear at this point whether anyone or the moose sustained any injuries as the video ends with the animal and the two people walking away out of sight.

Being from Montana, I and the rest of the people here become familiar with animals like this, being educated about moose, bears, badgers, as well as other big and sometimes critters with short fuses.

Moose generally never interact with humans if they can help it. Same with the other animals mentioned. We are taught to not bother animals and be neighborly with the land.

I ran into a moose up in Rock Creek just outside of Missoula quite a few years ago while I was fishing and my brother and I decided to hit another spot. That moose was very large and we were more that able to find a new spot to drop in a line.

What could go wrong when taunting a moose? A great deal of things.

It might be a good idea to give the mighty creature it's space.

Please Don't Befriend The Wildlife

While it may be tempting, trying to make a wild animal into a pet never really turns out well. They are wild for a reason. What looks furry and lovable may have a set of teeth that will leave a mark, for life!





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