There was a recent tweet telling people not to push their "slower" friends to the ground attempting to escape a bear attack.

Survival of the fittest as they say.

I have many questions, One, have there been reports of people in Montana actually doing this?

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I know people joke about this kind of stuff and see it in movies, but would someone actually sacrifice a person or a friend for that matter, to a wild animal to benefit themselves?

The comments are quite humorous in the reddit post. You read the post from reddit here.

Some tell people to stop listening to what the government tells you, others say that if the relationship is suffering and near its end, "why not", and others also remind everyone about the joke involving 22 caliber pistol.

Injury involving guns is never a joke.

All this light hearted humor comes real bear awareness and safety this spring in Montana.

Bears have already been spotted coming out of hibernation in certain areas to the surprise of those who see it happening. It's important to recognize all trail rules and safety precautions regarding wildlife in Montana before one decides to hike around our great state in the spring time.

Also, maybe think twice before using your buddy as a bear buffer during a potential attack.

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