It would make sense for an alien invasion to occur in Montana. According to many, aliens or extra-terrestrials have been visiting us since the as far back as the the 1950's.

According to an article from, Montana sits very low on the states likely to survive an alien invasion sitting at 44 out of 50. Virginia being number one most likely to survive.


Seeing that Nevada is 50 being the worst, they have government bases that are secret and may hold other aliens making it a hotbed of action. I cane see the logic of Montana being at 44 because of our gigantic missile base.

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They most likely will notice us heating up defense strategies, ie:missiles to help with invasion. I wonder if we rank low due to the wide open spaces we have in Montana as well as spread out hospitals and food resources.

I disagree with that low number, I'm pretty sure we would have a far better chance of survival here in the Treasure state and might have people from other states trying to seek shelter here.

For starters, Montana is know for people with an iron will, sturdy people, with lots of firearms as well as hunting and trapping skills spanning generations.

We have places to hide, and have vantage points to see everything coming at us.

I have a feeling aliens will have a tough time finding people to conquer in the vast Montana landscape, the only place more tough to find people would be Alaska.

I think we have a pretty good chance. Let's know how you feel on Social Media!

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