Have you been to Medicine Rocks State Park in Montana?  Be honest, did you even know it was a place? I've lived here my whole life, and I can tell you today is the day I learned about this very cool, very old piece of Montana.

Located between Baker and Ekalaka on Montana 7, you'll find Medicine Rocks State Park.  

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How The Pillars Came To Be

Back about 60 million years ago, The Great Plains were covered with a sea.  The sea had rivers that carried the sediment that eventually became the Rocky Mountains.  While the sediment was travelling, sometimes it would get caught along the way, and create sandbars.  The sandbar eventually turned to sandstone.  What you see in the park today are basically sandstones that refused to be eroded away.

It's On The Registry Of National Historic Places

Medicine Rock State Park is deeply rooted in the Native American culture in Montana.  The area was used for vision quests, meeting place and lookouts for both Bison and their enemies.

It Was A Milestone For Early Settlers and Cattle Drivers

Settlers and the like would carve their names and the dates into the rocks to mark their visit. A practice that is greatly frowned upon now, I'm sure.

There Is Camping

What I love is that the park is open year-round to campers, hikers and spectators who just want to take in the view.  Park hours are 7am to 10pm.  Don't forget your camera or your phone.  As you'll see in the gallery, it's a photographer's dream.

Medicine Rock State Park Montana

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