Every year since 1976 Lake Superior State University puts out a list of words and phrases they feel should be banned from our vocabulary. This was first done as a BIT of a joke way back in the day.  It was mostly a warning on overuse of the words and what it would do to the English language.  Wait, What? No worries if you haven't seen the list from 2022.  You can circle back after you finish this article and check them out here.

From The Hill, here are words that should be banished from 2022.  Banishment is rough, maybe we just pull back on them a little bit.  Does that make sense?

10.  It is what it is.  Honestly, I got in the habit of using this annoying phrase.  It wasn't too hard to break if you want anyone to talk to you at all ever. This phrase has been banned before

9.   Absolutely. I had no idea this was bugging everyone.  There are so many other words we can use instead. This word has been banned before.

8.  Irregardless.  This isn't even a WORD. I put this in the same pile as AnywayS.  OMG!  NO!

7.   Does this make sense? Again something I've said.  It's my total disbelief that I make sense when I talk, even though talking is my job.

6.   Amazing.  My bestie who is something of a wordsmith told me awhile back this word is incredibly overused in our language. This word has been banned before

5.   Moving forward. Another phrase that gives me the same reaction as Lean-in.  It's like nails on a chalkboard.

4.   Gaslighting This word and Quiet Quitting made the list due to people using them WRONG.  Before 5 years ago, most of us had to look up gaslighting to see what it meant.  Now, it feels like a common word like the word lie.

3.   Quiet Quitting.  This word made the list because of it's ongoing use and MISUSE.  LSSU, who puts out the list, suggests the phrase "normal job performance".  I suggest the phrase, "Doing the job that's specified on my comp agreement." I feel this was an attempt to shame workers into giving more to their job than anything else, AGAIN, after the lessons we learned from the pandemic.

2.   Inflection Point. This phrase is just annoying to look at.  I'm very happy to report noone in my circle is quite THAT annoying,

1.  GOAT.  I'm agreeing with this, but not for the reasons I've seen on the internet.  The main justification is that no one can be the greatest of all time since we haven't lived for all time.  I hate it because it's stupid and you hear it everywhere.

What words do you think we should banish?  Get social with us and let us know on the post!

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