America could be facing a railroad strike in December.  The last time railroad workers went on strike was in 1992 and it only lasted for 2 days before congress shut it down.  It's estimated that a railroad shut down could cost up to 2 Billion dollars a day.

Why are rail workers talking of a strike?

According to the Associated Press, it's insanely demanding schedules and no paid sick time.  Our rail workers get NO PAID SICK TIME.  President Biden went out on a limb and asked them to give workers ONE pad sick day a year.  ONE. (I guess if you're glass half full, it doubles the amount of time they get now.)  Congress is trying to push through 7 days.

Fortune reports that the railroads allow for plenty of time off, as long as you put in for it 30+ days in advance AND they approve the time off.  Workers complain their requests are denied regularly.  They even keep a points system to use against workers when they do take time off or call in sick.

Why won't the Railroads give in and treat their employees to this basic work benefit?

According to New York Magazine, it all comes down to P.S.R, precision scheduled railroading.  It minimizes the ratio between railroads' operating costs and their revenue.  Basically, moving more stuff with fewer workers and train cars.  From Wikipedia, it was invented in 1993.  It appears to be all about the shippers and almost no thought given to rail road workers.

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Is it legal to NOT offer/deny sick leave in Montana?

Yes.  When you look at Montana labor laws, it HEAVILY favors the employer.  Not only does Montana not make sick days a requirement, your employer doesn't have to give you breaks or ANY PTO.

Should it be a right?

In our new climate where the employees seem to be gaining power, should sick leave become a mandatory benefit from every employer?

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