I'm going to say what everyone in Great Falls has been thinking:

Just how long does it take to build a Chipotle?

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I've been watching the construction of the Chipotle restaurant for what feels like decades now.

Getty Images//Canva
Getty Images//Canva

I did some research, and maybe it's not decades, but it's been quite awhile.

Chipotle Great Falls Timeline:

  • March 2021: The Electric reports that Chipotle is NOT coming here.  This was not bad reporting.  At that time they WERE NOT planning a store here.  I love how the Electric busts rumors, and this was just a rumor at the time.
  • July 2022The Electric reports that we ARE getting a Chipotle and it will be built where the Cartwheel Bar was on 10th Avenue South
  • July 2022The Electric reports that Chipotle has applied for a business license in Great Falls
  • August 2022The Electric reports that building permits have been submitted for Chipotle
  • September 2023The Electric reports that Chipotle is planning to open in October 2023

Like I said earlier, I think about this Chipotle situation a lot as the South side of town is where I live and spend a majority of my time.  You can't miss the construction on 10th. In fact, it's taken so long to build this restaurant, that the CONSTRUCTION its self, not the building, the construction, has become a part of our 10th Avenue South landscape.

Getty Images//Canva
Getty Images//Canva

Why Is It Taking So Long?

I don't think this question is out of line.  And now that its taken so long to build, I have no hopes of eating there until late this year or early next year.  Why?  Whenever we get a new franchise restaurant in Great Falls they're super busy for a couple of months.  (And why not?  Great Falls hardly gets ANYTHING everyone else has. It's exciting.)

One More Question:

Does the thought of a drive through there freak you out?  Do you wonder how it can possibly work in such a small space?

Thanks for coming to my Seriously, how long does it take to build a Chipotle Ted Talk.

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