Scams.  Seems like every day there's a new way for some vile human to steal what's yours.  It could be your identity, your money, your heart or a plethora of other things.  Seems like every week there's a new warning.

For 2024, the risk is greater than ever, and going to be even harder to identify.


AI Generated Scams Expected To Lead The Way In 2024

From Economic Times, Artificial Intelligence or AI will generate some scams that even the best at spotting a scam will miss.  It's expected that in 2024 we will see even more "deepfakes" that will exponentially increase the risk of:

  • identity theft
  • phishing scams
  • cyberbullying
  • charity fraud

Even the 2024 Olympics aren't immune.  It's expected that cyber thieves and scammers will try to bilk those around the world excited for the Olympics.

AI Search Scam as reported in November 2023

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Gas Pumping Scam In Montana

Here are the scams we fell for the most in 2022

Scams americans fall for
Better Business Bureau

What Is A Deep Fake?


a fake, digitally manipulated video or audio file produced by using deep learning, an advanced type of machine learning, and typically featuring a person’s likeness and voice in a situation that did not actually occur:

For example, you could see an ad with a celebrity talking about a product that they absolutely did not endorse.  It happens all the time.

This Is Especially Pertinent Going Into An Election Year

According to NBC News, only 3 states in America have laws on the books to combat deepfakes, Minnesota, Michigan and Washington. All of the bills are either total bans or bans with requirements of disclosure. It's being labeled, Synthetic Media.


Please do consider where you get your information on your candidates.  If we thought the last election was wild, I have a feeling this one is going to blow it out of the water.

Deep down, WE ALL know when someone is saying things that are just what we'd like to hear as opposed to the full truth.  Be better than that.  I will always say you can always trust Reuters and Associated Press.  Anyone who says you can't, is gaslighting you. What don't they want you to know?

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