Warm weather is here in Montana and we couldn't be more happier about the situation.

Just think of all the cool activities summer in Montana presents.

Hiking, Camping, Outdoor sports, barbecues and just laying in the sun trying to get that savage tan that will keep you on your 'A' game.


Let's talk about that savage tan.

It's always nice to have a nice glow about your skin, the sun has it's advantages for mental and physical health. However, it's also a good idea to be aware of the disadvantages of exposure to the big bowl of butter we call the sun so it doesn't rain on your parade.

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Getting too much sun can be a very bad thing considering some circumstances. Working all day in the hot sun without water and proper clothes and equipment can spell disaster on any work site. Elderly and small children can have problems with too much exposure. Worst of all, on can develop certain types of cancers and problems with prolonged sun exposure.

It's always a good idea to keep a number of things with you.



Water is essential for people to stay alive. Duh, obviously. A number of things can be resolved or avoided with a healthy amount of water in your system, on the job or in a backpack. Just remember, Stay Hydrated.



This should be on all skin surfaces that are exposed to the sun, especially the ears, nose, scalp, and neck, and should be applied over and over depending on the activity going on.

Hat, Sunglasses, and UV clothes


Activities with prolonged sun exposure may need more than just a healthy coating of sun screen. It's a good idea to have additional coverage. Like this fly fisherman for example, sun hat protecting everything down to the neck line, UV shirt that blocks harmful rays, and a nice set of sunglasses, polarized if you can get them, to protect your eyes from burning. Eyes do burn, just ask your welder friends about that. Sometimes UV clothing might not be at your disposal, a breathable, long sleeve shirt will do.

If you take precautions in the Montana summer sun, you can stay comfortable all summer and avoid a possible ER visit.


Summer only lasts so long around here, have fun!!

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