I don't even have to give a location to this pothole riddled parking lot because everyone that lives or shops here knows exactly what parking lot this is.

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It was the holiday season last time I heard someone talk about the parking lot in Great Falls, Montana with all the potholes. This gal was on line about how she hit a pothole when she was trying to avoid another pothole in this parking lot.  She then tried to make a turn and that's when her axle broke.

It's beyond ridiculous in that one area of the lot.  Those of us who live here have learned better ways around that maze of potholes, but every now and then, someone accidentally drives into one. They're not just baby potholes either.  These are potholes that have been given time to grow into real significant hazards to your vehicle. The owner of the parking lot is who's responsible to fix the potholes, and since this is a decades long or longer problem, I wouldn't hold your breath.  It will also take forever in court to sue, and you may not even win. Turning it into insurance sounds like a good idea until they ding you for a collision and your insurance goes up.

How much monetary damage can a pothole do?

According to AAA Newsroom the average repair cost to fix your car after hitting a pothole is $600 or over 26 BILLION dollars a year nationwide.

What to do if you hit a pothole from Bonfes Auto

1.  Check your tires.  Of course, check for a flat, but also check for bulges and bubbles in your tire.

2.  Check your wheels.  Take the car in for an inspection so they don't just break while you're driving.

3.  Check your suspension and alignment.  If you feel your rig is bumpier than usual or pulling to one side, it's time to get it into the shop.

4.  Check your shock absorbers. If your rig is running bumpier or you see fluid under your car, it's time to go to the shop.

5.  Check your exhaust system. Your exhaust system can break loose or bend, so if it sounds different, get it into the shop.

6.  Any fluid leakage. Depending on the pothole and how you hit it, you can sure damage the undercarriage of your rig.  If you see any fluid, get it in.  You don't want to run all the oil out of your car.

7.  Take loads of pictures of the pothole and your rig immediately after you hit it.  If you go after someone for damage, the burden of proof is on you.

Here's Great Falls' most terrifying parking lot

Parking lot full of potholes

Pothole parking lot, Great Falls, Montana


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