Everyone loves pets. I think there's different types of pet people, one's that enjoy a single pet, and people that would adopt all the pets to give all the love to. I've know people to have cats, dogs, birds, and fish all under one roof as a big happy family.

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What I didn't know is that there are animal ordinances that stipulate how many of each pet one can have in a household.

Although there is not a particular pet ordinance for the state of Montana as a whole, there are city ordinances on how many dogs and cats one is allowed to have in the house.

So, How many can you have?

The City of Great Falls has a frequently asked question page on it's webpage for Animal Ordinance and Permits.

City ordinance stipulates:

How many animals am I allowed to have?

-Unless you apply for and receive a multiple animal permit, you are limited to two dogs and two cats over four (4) months of age.

Applying for a Multiple Animal Permit entails application, fees and inspection. The city insists that they have a very thorough inspection based on a number of things including acreage(space) and one is likely to have varied outcomes based on the amount of animals you request on the permit.

20 dogs or cats versus 4 dogs or cats.

Yearly or lifetime permits are available upon request, and like cars these permits are non-transferable from owner to owner. All fees and info can be found HERE.

Not complying with ordinance can or may result in the surrender of your loved pet. Make sure you're up to date with everything.

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