Just outside of Choteau, Montana, you can literally walk through history on the Old North Trail.

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I found a good history from Crown of the Continent and they did a feature story on the part of the trail near Choteau, as well.

For about ten thousand years, this trail was used to travel from the Yukon Territory in Canada along the Rocky Mountain Front to New Mexico.  It was first on foot and with dogs pulling travois.  Horses didn't come into the picture until 1730-1750.  Chief Brings-Down-The-Sun said,

There is a well-known trail we call the Old North Trail. It runs north and south along the Rocky Mountains. No one knows how long it has been used by the Indians. My father told me it originated in the migration of a great tribe of Indians from the distant north to the south, and all the tribes have, ever since, continued to follow in their tracks.

For those of us in Montana, you can find a good piece of it just west of Choteau.  Historian Al Wiseman was part of a group of locals who wanted to preserve the trail before it was completely wiped out by time. You'll find stone Cairn Markers along the way, along with boulders that were moved from other parts of the trail that were marked "Old North Trail" in Teton County.  The group even had a map made of the trail from Choteau to Canada.

You can find bits and pieces found on the trail in the Old Trail Museum in Choteau.  If you'd like to tour the trail, contact Mr. Wiseman.  His number is on the Crown of the Continent website in the second story above.

Old North Trail, Choteau, Montana

Old North Trail, Choteau, Montana

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