Again, Great Falls Is Telling Nazis, Extremists, White Supremacists, Racists: GO AWAY

I really can't believe we have to talk about this knuckle dragging, hiding in the darkest pits of self-loathing bull AGAIN.  Last August, JD wrote an article about Neo-Nazi stickers plastered all over Great Falls, especially downtown.

Get caught up on the article here.

One thing JD says in that article that really hits me is "C'mon Great Falls, we have to be better than this.  We shouldn't need to see this in our city, ever."

He's right (and you have no idea how much I hate admitting that 😉).

Last Week, The Nazis Were At It Again Downtown Great Falls

Last year, the stickers and other propaganda were MOSTLY about preserving the white race.  Last week, they were MOSTLY anti-LGBTQ+ messages:

Nazi Propaganda Great Falls Montana
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Nazi Propaganda Great Falls Montana
Nazi Propaganda Great Falls Montana

On this one, I have to wonder if the Nazi is a bit jealous. 😉

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Again, Great Falls Said, "No Nazi!" And The Stickers Were Removed

Again, it's Jasmine Taylor to the rescue.

@montana_jasmine No room for n@zis in Montana. #fightback #democrats #pride2024 #pride #lgbtqia #lgbtq #resist #activism #mtpol #mtdems #406 #mt #greatfalls ♬ Tear The Facists Down - Woody Guthrie

What To Do If You See Neo-Nazi Propaganda Littering Our Beautiful Little River Town?

That's easy.  If you see Nazi propaganda or Nazis in Great Falls, report it to the Montana Human Rights Network

You can also report it to WTF406.  Their network of Nazi busters will get right to work to get that sh&t down.

Final Thoughts On Our Nazi Infestation

Personally, I feel that it was easy to target the LGBTQ population in Great Falls because our new mayor chose not to support pride month. When something seems to be so unsupported that a press release is issued to explain how unsupported a marginalized section of our population is, the bullies come out like cicadas come out every 7 years, hungry and screaming.

Great Falls, the Nazis and racists seem to be moving in on our town.

The biggest, best thing we can do is not punch a Nazi, no matter how much you want to, because they're generally pretty fragile and they will press charges.

What you do is shame them, humiliate them, OUT THEM (I love to see a bigot lose their cushy way of life), REPORT them. These dredges on society need to know that they are NOT welcome here.

That comes down to each and every one of us taking a stand for our little river town.

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