It has been reported this week in that officials in Montana as well as twenty-six other states seek help from a parent company of the the adult website PornHub to take care of a "loophole" on their site to help combat rapists and human trafficking.


Attorneys general from twenty-six states including Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen have banded together in an effort to have PornHub parent company Alyo  investigate a so-called loophole on their website that could potentially be an issue with rapists and human traffickers in Montana as well as other places.

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According to NBC Montana, although a photo ID is required for a person to upload any content, this loophole found in a recent report indicated that the user isn't required to show their face in any of the content they upload to the website server.

The Attorneys General from the twenty-six states including Montana sent a letter to PornHub's parent company Alyo voicing their concerns:

As state Attorneys General—and parents—we are deeply concerned by recent reports of this possible workaround that could permit countless children to be victimized...Please provide us with an explanation of this ‘loophole;’ whether Aylo and its subsidiaries do, in fact, permit content creators and performers to obscure their faces in uploaded content; and, if so, whether Aylo is taking measures to change this policy to ensure that no children or other victims are being abused for profit on any of its platforms.

As of now, the company has not responded to the loophole found in the report.

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