Maybe you have seen it a dozen times throughout the summer, a neighbor that has not cut their lawn in weeks.


I certainly have and I'll admit that I've been that neighbor a time or two where my lawn gets a little long compared to other houses on the block.

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Sometimes other tasks get in the way of the lawn care, especially if one isn't retired and staring at it all day or one can't afford a crew to come over and take care of it.

As one sits looking at at that overgrown lawn next door, you might have a thought.

"Should I just go over there while they are gone and just mow the dang lawn?"


Is it legal for someone to mow a lawn without permission?

According to The Lawn Mower Guru, I may not be a good idea to head over there without permission. In certain aspects it might be kind of rude to do it yourself, we all know the feeling of a lawn sticking out like a soar thumb when everyone else's on the block is pristine.

Other factors include the law, in Montana it might be regarded as trespassing.

Trespassing in Montana is a pretty big deal, and penalties can result if it's reported and documented of a wrong doing.

One would ask themselves why someone would call the cops on someone try to do them a favor? Who knows. It would always be a courteous thing to just asking if they need a hand with the lawn work, they might just let you do it.

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