In December, Samsung announced that the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind, in Great Falls, were state finalists in their 2023 Samsung Solve For Tomorrow STEM competition.  The mission of the competition is to solve real world problems with STEM technology.  There were one thousand entries in the state competition from around the United States.

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Montana School for the Deaf and blind

In February, The Montana School for the Deaf and Blind was named the Montana state winner.  Winners get at least $12,000 worth of technology supplies for their school. The team will be assigned a mentor from Samsung, and they'll help guide the students to bring their projects to fruition.

Now it's on to the finals.  It all comes together in May when the students will travel to New York City and compete.  In the end, 3 outstanding schools will be chosen as the top in America.  Those schools will win $100,000 in prizes comprised of Samsung Technology and classroom supplies.

What did the students enter

Safety desks that are protective during a storm, stable during an earthquake, and bulletproof during an active shooter event.

Now that's innovation, fostered by necessity.

MSDB has been in the STEM spotlight before

Back in 2020 Montana School for the Deaf and Blind was awarded $15,000 from Samsung for their ingenuity.  The school used the money to purchase 10 Chromebook laptops and other STEM school supplies.  Money that was put to good use considering 3 years later they're in the running for the big prize again.

Congratulations to the amazing students at Montana School for the Deaf and Blind.  We'll be rooting for you in May.

Thank you to the Great Falls Tribune and Samsung Newsroom for the information in this article.

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