Birthdays.  Literally everyone has one.  Ever wonder where it is your birthday falls in the big scheme of things?  USA Today made a list of  the most common day to be born and the least common day to be born.  We all have a 1 in 365 chance of being on either list.

In my immediate family, (Mom, Dad, Me, Brother) my parents both have pretty rare birthdays, my brother and me, pretty average.  My dad's birthday, November 27th, just missed making  the rankings while my mom has the 5th rarest birthday in America, which is also America's birthday, July 4th.  The brother was born April 15 which comes in at 281 and mine, May 1, is at 221.

On my dad's side of the family, we have a phenomenon that I always cracked up to harvest being over.  I have A LOT of cousins born in May.  I mean, it seems like an absolute freakish amount.  I even have a COUSIN with my exact same birthday.  I call us Harvest Babies.  Work out the math, people born in May were most likely to be conceived in August.

Looking at the most common days to be born, there is something very odd,  the  most common day babies are born doesn't coincide with the most common month babies are born.  They chalk it up to how many days are in the month.

The top 3 months for births:

1. August

2. July

3.  September.

HOWEVER, of the most common  birthdays, all but one fall in just one month of the year.

Where does your birthday land?  Check out our gallery to find out.

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Most Common and Least Common Birthdays

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