When you think of Montana, what kind of junk food would you think of? Would you think of junk food at all? I am a Montanan and I don't even fathom that Montana would have a favorite junk food.

I know we have favorite foods in general and have an official state food, and ways of cooking food.

Cookies, candy, chips and sodas reign supreme in the local Town Pump where I usually haunt to find something to snack on. My first guess if I had to pick Montana's favorite junk food would be soda.

I see everyone I know grabs for Coke or Dew, and I'm sure I could fund the kid's college tuition with the amount of cans we collectively go through.

Well, Montana has a favorite junk food, more like favorite junk food(s), plural.

What is it?

According to research and a complete map of The United States' favorite junk food state by state from casinos.com, Montana has three(3) favorite items of junk food.

Pringles, Skittles and Starbursts.

The chart shows three favorites, casinos.com gathered their research using Google Trends using data collected over the last year.


Their data is quite interesting. According to the article, we share Pringles as a favorite junk food along with eleven other states, skittles with ten other states and Starbursts with a whopping twelve other states.

To narrow it down, casinos.com exuded a number of things including fast food, sodas, and gum.

Does your favorite junk food match these three favorites??

Let us know your favorite on social media.

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