When you think Montana, my guess is you think beef.

We raise a lot of cattle and we love a good hamburger or steak. A lot my fellow Montanans never really elaborate on what kind of vegetable they are into unless it's a potato or something to that effect.

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We also love to talk about out grains. From barley to winter wheat, grow it all and produce a lot of the grain that's transported processed across America.

So, what's Montana's favorite Vegetable?

I would've thought it would be a the potato like I said before, or something like a mushroom for it's grilling options and it's perfect marriage with a steak, or as my father-in-law will jokingly say, chicken.

However, according to The Daily Meal, out of all the possible options out there, Montana's favorite veggie is the carrot.


According to the same article in past years the cauliflower has been at the top of most Montanans. I say most is because it's not one of my favorites and It's not labeled as Montana's favorite in any grocery store. The carrot isn't either, but I find that veggie a little bit more palatable.

There's plenty one can do in food recipes with the carrot, and they all can include beef and cauliflower.

Both vegetables appear on Montana State University's top 15 foods grown in Montana which include all veggies.

Carrots come in at number 9, and if you are wondering, cauliflower comes in higher at number 6.

Both veggies being in the top ten, it's not a mystery why these two flip flop as a Montana favorite to eat.

If it's not a carrot, let us know what your favorite veggie is on social media on on APP CHAT.

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