There Are Over 24,000 Farms In Montana

According to Montana Kids, around 5% of Montanans are farmers. It's estimated that there are around 24,300 farms in the state of Montana from

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There Are Over 2 Million Farms In America

In 2022, Stacker reported that around 98 percent of the two million farms in America are owned and operated by families.

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Here are some other farm facts from the American Farm Bureau Federation and NASDA:

  • In America, roughly 86 percent of all ag products are raised or produced on family farms and ranches
  • One farm feeds around 166 people a year
  • Farming is about 1 percent of America's GDP
  • 2% of American Families are farmers and ranches
  • 1 in four farmers have less than a decade in the business
  • Around 11 percent of farmers have served or are serving in the US military
  • In 2022, America exported around 191 billion dollars in ag products
  • Cattle and wheat are Montana's largest commodities
  • Montana is first in the United States for lentil production and certified organic wheat
  • Montana's farmer's are adaptable.  Expanded harvests include crops like honey, peas, canola, flaxseed and Safflower along with pulse crops like lentils, dry peas and chick peas

What Are The Most Profitable Crops That Montana Farmers Growing?

The variety of crops in Montana is something that always surprises me.  When I grew up, my dad just did wheat, barley and durum.  Now, there are farmers that grow everything from wheat and barley to hemp, lentils and honey.  Which crops end up making the most money for Montana farmers year after year?

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Check out the gallery below from Stacker of the most profitable crops in Montana:

Most Profitable Crops Grown In Montana

There are over 24,000 farms in Montana. Here are the top 10 most profitable crops.

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

Crops Grown In Central Montana

13 Crops Grown In Central Montana

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

Top 10 Crops that Idaho Produces the Most are Surprising

 Stacker did this farmtastic study showing what states produce the most of what, then they took it even further by showing the monetary correlation with those crops. Let's see what crops make Idaho the most money.

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