Montana Women Work Hard For Their Money

There's no doubt about it.  Montana is full of hard workers, and the women of our state are no exception.  Good news is, the pay is pretty decent too.

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Montana Is One Of The Five Best States For Women's Pay

From Fortune Magazine:

While there is still a significant pay gap for doing the same job, Montana has the 4th SMALLEST gender pay gap in America.  In Montana:

  • Average male salary:  $44,047/year
  • Average female salary $36,916/year
  • Averages out to a gap of around 16.19%, pretty standard in America
Montana pay gap
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What About The Six Figure Gap? Where Does Montana Stand?

In Montana, we have the eighth smallest gap between men and women who pull down six figures.  In Montana, only 8.1% of the population make that nice salary. Of that:

  • Men working full time that make $100,000 or more is 17.58%
  • Women working full time that make $100,000 or more is just 9.48%

According to Fortune Magazine, there are a towns in The Treasure State that are putting together training programs for women to teach them trades that pay more along with infrastructure projects.  They best way to close the pay gap is to make training for every job available for everyone.  It's cool Montana knows that.

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Who Owns More Businesses In Montana, Men Or Women?

  • Percent of small Montana businesses owned by Men: 53.91%
  • Percent of small Montana businesses owned by Women: 21.31%

It's the sixth lowest gap in America at 32.6%, but still leaves a lot of room for improvement. Montana is home to new small business centers funded by the US Small Business Administration, that is dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs.

gender pay gap

Bottom Line

Montana has always been at the forefront of women's rights and equality.  Don't believe me? Let me just drop 2 names, Stagecoach Mary and Jeannette Rankin.

Montana is a great place to be a working woman, especially if you compare us with the rest of America.  That doesn't mean we don't have room to grow.  I'm proud to live in a state where they're not afraid to learn and improve.

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