Nick Northern wrote an article about the smallest towns in Montana.

Reading the article, then checking out the gallery of the best small towns in America to raise a family got me thinking.

Not one town in Montana is on this list.

At first I was kind of angry.  If you look at it, it should be titled "The Top 50 Towns in Middle and Eastern America To Raise A Family".


New Jersey Kind of Sucks

I mean come on, I spent a year in New Jersey one month and New Jersey has, at least, 6 towns on that list.  It is NOT a cool place to live, just sayin'.  I've never been so insulted on a daily basis in my life just for having the gall to exist.

You mean to tell me that life in Choteau or Geyser or Whitefish is not as nice as ANY town in New Jersey?  Give me a freaking break.

Maybe This is a Good Thing

Then it hit me.  I'm so damn glad we didn't make this list .  Let me tell you why.

People like THIS idiot stick move here then get a piece written about them in Business Insider encouraging other rich fools to buy up our land and homes and try to ruin the Last Best Place.

Or how about the folks from California who think it's totally reasonable and THEIR RIGHT to build a house on the banks of a creek in Glacier Park.

So, perhaps, not making the list is the very best thing for Montana right now.

You Don't Have To Go Home But You Can't Stay Here

We have to find a way to make our state welcoming and enticing to tourists, while NOT inviting them to move here.  Not making lists like this is a very good start.

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