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The Glacier National Park "Illegal Home Build" case has a new development.  I've been trying to keep up with the news on this home, but I'm a bit behind.  Here's the latest developments.

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Then, less than a month later, I reported this:


There Was A Meeting May 3, 2023

From the Flathead Beacon, The Flathead Conservation District’s Board of Supervisors held a vote in a meeting called by the Flathead Conservation District, appointed  Laurie Zeller to arbitrate the dispute over the home.

The Ambler's Argument:

The Ambler's say they've been coming to Glacier Park in the summer for over 40 years (So what. I've been going for 55 years and that doesn't give me a right to ruin it.), and their property is exempt due to an in-holding that pre-dates when Glacier Park was created.

They agree they never acquired the necessary 310 permit, but claim that in 2019 that Flathead County told them, in writing that no permits were needed, and in 2021, said that Glacier Park didn't require permits and authorized them to connect to the water and sewer system for Apgar Village.  From the Whitefish Pilot, the Amblers also allege that the State of Montana has no jurisdiction over the build.

Montana's Argument:

From the Whitefish Pilot, The home was built in violation of the Montana Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act, also known as the 310 law.

The Flathead Conservation District ordered the home torn down by November 1, 2023 and to restore and revegetate the streambank.  There was also a cease-and-desist order put on the home to halt further building.

What Does This Mean For The Situation?

Basically, that home can sit in partial build for YEARS before it's out of litigation.  This could go all the way to the Montana Supreme Court.

We'll keep you updated as we find out.

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