It's getting a bit warmer in Montana, but it is still winter.

The average person stays in warm clothes up until the end of March or April, but there is a rare breed of person that as soon as the sun shines, they unpack all of their shorts out of the closet and is now free and liberated in the late winter weather. People that run so hot, that they have steam coming off of them at the bus stop while everyone else is freezing.

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I happen to be one of those individuals and I'm glad to say that it is now warm enough to go outside with shorts on and there will only one day this week cold enough to put jean back on which is pretty good news.

All my life, growing up in Montana, I've found this time of year to be quite humorous because every third person I have an encounter with tells me I'm crazy or they ask me what goes through my head that I feel the need to wear shorts during the winter.

I tell them I was born and raised here and my blood runs a little warmer than the average bear, and I just love wearing shorts. If I could I would wear them all year around.

Me....All. Year. Long.


I might as well live on Pluto.

There has to be a few like-minded people around these parts, Just a body temperature that is a Geo-thermal wonder that can last through the most extreme temps and still be too hot for this dang coat I have on.

Who wears shorts during the winter like me? Raise your hand and comment on our social media page.

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