Ever since the truth came out about George Santos lying about practically everything he said while campaigning, the word lie is everywhere. (Click here to see every single lie Santos told.) The hottest new lie topic is lying on resumes.

I feel like your resume is the first introduction to the company you're interested in.  Think about it like dating, is this a lie you want to perpetuate for years?  Lying well is hard and NOT an enviable skill.

The biggest reason I see for lying on a resume is to stand out from the crowd.  You'll stand out alright, as a big fat liar, just ask George Santos.  He'll be sworn in, sure.  He's also facing an ethics investigation, he could be denied being placed on a house committee and lose other house privilege's, as well. Politifact has a nice, short article you can read here.


job interview

Accepting a job

My opinion on that is your are bat s*%t CRAZY to do that, especially in this digital age.  However, upon research, I have found that it's estimated over 60% of Americans lie on their resume.

I'm typing this and shaking my head.  Monster.com actually has an article on resume lies to AVOID, implying that some lies are ok.

Here are unacceptable lies for your resume:

Education  Just say where you went to school.  For the love of Pete, how easy is that to debunk?

Dates with a certain company Apparently people stretch dates out if they don't want to talk about a certain job.  Again, how easy is that to debunk? Just tell the truth.  If you got fired you got fired.  Unless you went out shooting or swinging, just tell the truth.

Skill Stretching If you've only used a program once or twice, don't call yourself proficient.  This particular lie is pretty easy to suss out in the first week or so.  Just don't put it on.  Tell what you're best at. Leave the rest out.

Best idea of them all

Be you.  Do you want to live with a lie for the next however many years because you said you could do something you can't, attended a school you didn't, or do you want a job you can easily live with according to your skills and the truth?

The Law

It is NOT illegal to lie on your resume.  It IS legal to fire a person who has been discovered to lie on a resume.

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