How Does A Water Coaster Sound For A Summer Adventure?

Silverwood Theme Park has opened up their new addition, Emerald Forest, for the summer of 2024, and it is home to the first water coaster in the Pacific Northwest, Eagle Hunt.

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Depending on where you start in Montana, it's a couple of hours to 10-12 hours to get there.  Not a bad drive for huge summer fun.

Silverwood, Eagle Hunt Water Coaster
YouTube//Silverwood Theme Park
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Silverwood Is Already Famous For It's Roller Coasters

Silverwood Theme Park is home to seven world-class roller coasters and oh, so many rides.  There are rides for everyone of every age.

Silverwood Has Added A Top-Tier Water Park Expansion

This year, Silverwood has added Eagle Run, a water coaster.  Here's what their website says about the new attraction:

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"Eagle Hunt is the first dueling water coaster in the west and the LONGEST dueling water coaster in the United States. Standing at 925 feet in length, riders will race against the clock as you slide through 3 high-speed flying SAUCERs, get blasted up 4 hills, and dive through the first ProSlide Shadow Effect before you splash at the bottom.

With this water coaster having two lanes, not only will you be able to race against your friends, but we are setting up a truly unique time trials experience where you will be able to pick your prey and race down the slide like an eagle in pursuit of its prey. If you get to the bottom in the specified time, you will have "caught" your prey. If you don't make it in time, the prey will have got away. We are excited to finally bring a water coaster to the Pacific Northwest and give our guests the opportunity to experience one of these amazing attractions."

Silverwood, Eagle Hunt Water Coaster
YouTube//Silverwood Theme Park

What a fun summer adventure for you and your family.  If you head up to Silverwood and hit the water coaster, send us a picture.

Check Out Eagle Hunt at Silverwood Here: ⤵⤵⤵

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