I'm one of the people around the world that get migraine headaches.  Sometimes, I have to miss work because my migraines, when they're really bad, because they cause me extreme nausea, especially when I'm in the light.  Anyone who suffers from migraines knows vomiting makes them infinitely worse and fast.  I hate calling in when I have them because a lot of people think a migraine is the same as a headache, just a little worse.  It's NOT the same, at all.

What is the difference between a regular headache and a migraine?

According to Women's Health, "“Headache is a non-specific diagnosis and usually refers to tension headaches, which almost everyone has experienced at some point in his or her life,” says Susan Hutchinson, M.D.  "A migraine, on the other hand, is “much more than just a headache, Migraine is a chronic neurological disease.”

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What causes a migraine?

For everyone, it's different.  Mine are caused by the weather.  Barometric Pressure to be exact.  It took about a year and a half to nail that down.  I had to visit a doctor every month and keep a migraine diary.

Do foods cause a migraine or help a migraine

Short answer, yes.  Again, it's different for everyone.  For me, I try to stay extremely hydrated (being hydrated greatly reduces your chances of a migraine.) and try to stay in darker rooms when I know the weather is changing.  Not from weather reports, but from my head telling me the barometer is changing.  Once I GET a migraine, my magical food is a hamburger.  For some reason it calms my stomach and helps MY migraine.

You'll hear advice like don't eat cheese, don't have caffeine or have lots more caffeine, don't eat chocolate and hundreds more.  FOR ME, I haven't found foods to be a trigger, but for thousands of people this can be the case.  Keep that migraine diary, and eventually you'll pin it down.

How are Migraines treated

That comes down to the person.  I have friends that have preventative migraine meds that they take daily to make sure it doesn't happen.  I have other friends that have prescribed meds to take once they get a migraine.  Neither of those work for me because they both make me extremely nauseous.  Over the counter things you can try are Migraine aspirins, piercings and cannabis.  Botox is another valid treatment for migraines.

I have, on rare occasion, had to go to the ER or doctor to get a shot.  (0 stars, do NOT recommend this method of treatment.  Proving to the doctor and nurses in the ER you're not seeking out some kind of a drug fix takes a long time, and it makes your migraine worse.)

Should I see a doctor

Yes, especially if you're down with a migraine for more than 2 weeks a month.  There are several other things that could be causing the migraine, and it could be a symptom of said problem.  Also, your doctor can help you pinpoint the things causing it so you can modify your behavior.  Migraines are the main reason I moved from rainy Coos Bay, Oregon.  Are you really living your best life if you're laying in a dark, quiet room for half the month every month?  My answer was no.

What are your migraine experiences?  Hit us up on social media and app chat to share your story.

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