Many I'm sure think about this from time to time, but what if you woke up one day and you were the only one left on earth. I get that the question is a bit ridiculous, but what if you were the only one left. A soul survivor.

There are many movies, stories and scenarios people think about when considering being the only human left after an apocalypse.

The Twilight zone covered it a few times, there's stories like The Omega Man, comedies like The Last Man on Earth that all cover the end of the world.

NASA and the military test, condition and teach people about being isolated alone of which could happen in certain parts of the planet and more so in space.

Space to me would be the perfect example of being forever alone, if you have no help or plan if one is set off course, that's it. Forever alone.

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Heading back to planet earth, at this point in population numbers, one would have to experience the apocalypse to truly be alone on the earth.

I was reading through Reddit this morning as usual, and this question was posed on r/AskReddit.

You wake up to find you’re the last person on earth, what do you do?
by u/Rev-DiabloCrowley in AskReddit

Many redditors have numerous ways they would spend the rest of their lives as the only one left on the planet, some are very serious and some are pretty humorous.



Some people never get out of bed for anything. That would include the end of the world. If nothing is worth getting out of bed of now, I can understand staying in bed for the apocalypse.

Break Into Places and Get Cool Stuff


I'm not saying go break the law and steal stuff, but let's say it's the end of times, it's basically lawlessness all over, one can collect anything they please to admire.

Comment "Last" on all YouTube Videos


There is a trend on YouTube to comment first on a newly posted video. Let's assume there will be power and the internet in the apocalypse. you can now comment last on every video you can think of or remember!

Hold An Election


This would be so easy, you wouldn't need an Electoral College at this point. I would be a vote of one. Congrats on being president of the earth.

Have a Panic Attack


This one seems to be the most logical. You wake up and everyone you have ever known or potentially would have known is now gone from existence. The thought of human interaction to be permanently put on hold could be the ultimate horror for some people, everyone needs someone at some point right? Right?

Would hanging out with only yourself during the end of the world be ALL THAT BAD?

Let us know on social media.

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