In the event of a zombie apocalypse or the collapse of society, us Montanans have a safe bet that people will scurry for the wide open but protected spaces of our lovely state. Well, be prepared with this very expensive but fortified vehicle from a car company named Rezvani.


What a better way to doomsday prep with an impenetrable SUV similar to the Batmobile or something James Bond would drive with all the bells and whistles.

The Vehicle

According to the Rezvani website, They want to have a vehicle reach it's full potential, the most extreme vehicles on the planet. They did just that with these outlandish features.

  • Bulletproof glass and body armor
  • Underside explosive protection(mines, IEDs, etc)
  • Runflat tires(can drive while flat)
  • Explosive device detection
  • Raw steel ram bumper
  • Electrified door handles(taser)
  • Smoke screens
  • Both front and rear blinding lights
  • Magnetic deadbolts for the doors
  • Gas masks and bulletproof vests
  • Pepper spray dispenser
  • First-aid kit

and drumroll...

  • Night vision

Other features include a tow package, various engine and motor options, center console safe, back seat entertainment system, cameras, rifle compartments, hypothermia kit and other crazy stuff that one would just want to have.

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The Cost

With all that thrown in, according to the website, it's just shy of a quarter million bucks. I'll probably never have that kind of money, but for what you get it doesn't seem like a bad deal because:

A decommissioned fighter jet costs around the same price


A tank costs 8.5 million dollars


The only thing cheaper is an actual armored truck, like for SWAT or bank money handling at a cool $100,000. A Rezvani vehicle has heated seats, navigation, leather, and comfort not offered by that hunk of junk. There's also a few models to choose from.


I first saw these things three years ago on a social media post about what people would buy when and if they popped the stock market and had some money banked up. As I remember, the individual told people to forget about a Lambo, and to look into THIS urban assault vehicle.

JD Knight had the pleasure of checking out one of these bad vehicles at The Barrett-Jackson Auction on display during his vacation and said he was amazed by it's features.

Did I mention there was a location to check one out in Helena, MT? Roadtrip!

What do you think of this sweet armored ride?

Would you drive it?


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