People obviously love food, we need on a daily basis to convert into energy. As we have evolved food has become more than just an avenue for sustenance and we have became wildly creative with ways to make food and people have some universal favorites.

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One seems to top everyone's list, and that apparently is Pizza.

It's at the top of my families list and apparently according to the Washington post, Americans on average eat 100 acres of pizza per day. That balloons to about 3 billions pizzas each year and 46 slices per person. Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend an that when pizza kitchens are at their busiest. According to the same article, 70 percent of football watchers will be ordering in this year.

Someone on Reddit asked if there was a food stuff or food item that was more universally loved on the planet than pizza. It seems hard to fathom what would be, but I can relate as I read through the r/AskRedit post.


This was a very universal answer for a lot of people posting. rice is everywhere on the planet, It can be grown mostly anywhere on the planet, and Rice is the base for a lot of grain related processed foods. As the late great Mitch Hedberg once said, "Rice is great if you are hungry, and want to two thousand of something".




Bread is very good example. One would not have pizza if it weren't for bread. it symbolizes more than just a food item. It stands for Religious symbolism, making new friends, income and it is pretty much the most ancient man made food that exists, according to The Times of India, bread is estimated to date back as far as 30,000 years ago.



Coffee has been around for awhile and has people talking on Reddit. There are many types of coffee on the planet depending on the region and all the flavors are available on any given continent. According to the World population Review, The United States tops every country in coffee consumption with a staggering estimate of 27,310 sixty pound bags of coffee per year.



Tacos are my favorite and I put them probably just over pizza. People commenting on reddit also concur as well. The origin of the taco is debatable but it's said according to this article, that the first "taco" of sorts was triangulated to about the 18th century. Tacos as we know them now were introduced in the 1950s by the creator of Taco Bell, Glen Bell. He started presenting them with their signature hardshell form.



The wonderful potato has so many uses on the planet it's a wonder that I didn't write this article about this very thing. The potato has been baked, fried, boiled, and the center of many of cultures around the planet for hundreds of years and is the only thing some kids will eat. This food item had a fair share of upvotes on reddit.



Is pizza YOUR universal favorite? Is there something you love more? Let us know on Social Media.


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