I'm sure you have seen it hundreds of times.

Dogs pooping in private yards, public parks and on boulevards, and owners doing nothing about it and walking away. Other times, I've seen a tied up poop bag on the side of a walking trail. You're half-way there, just pack it out with you.

"I'll come back for it."

That doesn't seem likely.

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For those who leave the steamy pile behind might be in for a surprise. It might be in bad form to leave dog poo behind, but is it illegal?


Yes. According to the city, fines can issued for leaving your dog's "business" behind:

If your dog “does its business” on public or private property not owned by you, you must remove the feces. Failure to do so could result in fines for failure to have your dog on a leash. And up to an additional fine for failing to clean up their feces.

Now, I can't find any direct fines for leaving doodie behind. However, it may fall under illegal dumping. Montana have expressed laws against illegal dumping.

According to Montana Code 75-1-212 Disposal in unauthorized area prohibited:

It is unlawful to dump or leave any garbage, dead animal, or other debris or refuse:

In or upon any highway, road, street, or alley of this state.

-In or upon any public property, highway, street, or alley under the control of the state of Montana or any political subdivision of the state or any officer or agent or department of the state or political subdivision of the state within 200 yards of a public highway, road, street, or alley or public property.

-On privately owned property where hunting, fishing, or other recreation is permitted; however, this subsection does not apply to the owner, the owner's agents, or those disposing of debris or refuse with the owner's consent.

In the event of excrement, the owner is responsible for picking up after their dog in their own yard.

Fines are addressed in Montana Code 75-10-233:

A person found guilty of a violation of 75-10-212 shall be fined in the sum not exceeding $100 or imprisoned in the county jail for a period not exceeding 30 days, or both.

(2) A person found absolutely liable under 75-10-212 is subject to a civil penalty not to exceed $5,000.

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