Ever since I was a kid, I would see fictional movies on TV and the bad guy or the rebel would be wielding a switchblade. Like the traditional Italian made ones with the button and the cross guard.


My dad would turn to me and say that type of knife is illegal and a felony to have it in ones possession. For years it was true, when people had them, they either have had them for awhile or ordered kits from a magazine to put them together and it would just be a cool letter opener. I even purchased one from the internet ten years ago and used it around my apartment.

Laws in Montana have changed over the years and I wondered if switchblades are cool to carry around. We have "spring assisted", and knives that resemble switchblades around, but now-a-days is it illegal to carry switchblade knives?

As of 2019, NO.

Automatic knives are not illegal in Montana, but there are a few caveats.

Discoveringmontana.com lays out some of the stipulations.

The Montana Annotated Code, section 45-8-316, states that it’s illegal to carry a concealed blade if its length is 4 inches or longer. What’s important to note here is that the knife has to be less than four inches; a four-inch knife is illegal to be partially or wholly hidden. Additionally, this section states that it’s legally acceptable for a blade four inches or more to be found inside an owner’s vehicle or to be openly exposed.


Concealed carry laws all apply for school and all other prohibited areas. Do research before you wield your awesome blade places in public places and most importantly have fun.

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