I'm one of those people who really enjoy the show "Yellowstone".  While it's not exactly "Montana", they come as close as I've seen in a long time to the real Montana attitude. The show "Big Sky" is absolutely no representation of Montana or Montanans, even though it's a pretty good show.  It's just SO NOT Montana.

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There is this one thing that bugs me about Yellowstone though.  Every time I watch, I think, "How the hell did they make it from say, Great Falls, to Bozeman so dang fast?"  That's a good 3 hour drive.  Helena to Bozeman is drive enough at around an hour and a half or so one way.  The way John, Beth and Jaime go from Helena to the ranch and to Helena again, it makes it out to be something like a 20 minute drive.  Maybe Montana's TV Governor is doing most of his governing from the car. I don't remember seeing them fly back to the ranch even once.

And let's just throw in the reservations here.  I know a few people that live on the Crow Reservation, and it's over 3 hours to drive to Bozeman.  People do not just drive back and forth from the Crow Reservation to Bozeman all day.  And while we're at it, Billings is over 2 hours away from Bozeman.  It's not where you'd head for a medical emergency if you live around Bozeman.  Just sayin'. I get really confused when they say they're on the Reservation, because that's a 3 hour or so drive to the Dutton Ranch.  Not something you drive every day unless you absolutely must.

What do you think?  Are there things that go on in Yellowstone that make you a little crazy as a Montanan?  Let us know!

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